Article Processing and Charges

Article processing

 Submission of Articles

The corresponding author should email the article that fully satisfies the outlined requirements to:

Authors should ensure that submitted articles are thoroughly cleaned and carefully proof read to ensure readability and good flow of arguments.

Articles with grammatical errors and lacking clarity will be rejected.

Acknowledgment of Receipt of Article and Processing

Within 5-7 days of receipt of the article, the eajcr editor will email back the corresponding author acknowledging receipt of the article and requiring the      author to effect required payment to enable the peer review process to commence.

Corrections and re-submission

Corresponding author should strictly ensure that reviewers’ recommendations for corrections are fully executed and revised article resubmitted within 3 days after receipt.

The editor will send an email notification to the corresponding author of an accepted article once all corrections are done and revised article(s) re-submitted.

Articles Rights

Authors reserve rights to their contributions. The views expressed in EAJCR are those of authors and not necessarily the views of the EAJCR Editorial Board or Gretsa University, the publishers of the journal.

Articles publication charges

  • Online publication Ksh 8,500 or USD 85
  • Additional Ksh1,500 for every print version of the complete Journal required.

Payment details

All payments should be made through direct cash deposit to:

  • Gretsa University, Equity Bank, Supreme Branch, Thika, Account Number: 0180290365510.
  • M-PESA Paybill Number 195079, Account Name: Put EAJCR (then your SURNAME).

Scan bank deposit slips and/or forward Mpesa message to

Other preparation guidelines

  • Please ensure that the article submitted for review and publication is not concurrently under consideration elsewhere